Say hello to one of the most mischievious and
loveable cats in the world, Holly.

She can't contain herself when she hears the
sound of a pencil being whisped across a canvas
in the other room. The "scratching noise" sends
the mismatched message that it's play time!!! She
can't help but want to check out the noises, even if
it means an accidental brush of the canvas,
resulting in an embarrassing green tail. She's part
of the team and always an inspiration to paint
more cat portraits. Who could resist those bright
aqua eyes!

Holly is a shelter cat whom my husband and I
adopted from the Hawaiian Cat Foundation in
2008, and has since been the most entertaining
member of our family.
Meet Bo, our little long haired princess. As you
can see she's only accustomed to the finest
things, and will let you know when things aren't
quite up to par.

Bo, is our first adopted cat, also adopted from the
Hawaiian Cat Foundation in 2007. She came to
us as a very timid and skittish cat, given up
because of her shy personality and unlikeliness
to become a lap cat.  Since then Bo has learned
to be much more outgoing and at times will be
seen flying from one room to another with
lightening speed. She's as fast as she is smart,
and when no one is looking she will sit lovingly
on your lap.
Harlequin StudioOriginal Art and Design by Meghan Netzel
And here's Ralph, a distant cousin of Holly
and Bo's and most likely a close descendant
of the fruit bat. His small stature and hairless
little body are quite the disguise for his
overwhelming bark and protective presence.
He rules the roost, and even though Ralph
lives a little further away, we keep in close
contact with him throughout the year. It's
hard not to, being that Ralph loves staring
contests and will likely hypnotize you into
staying around!
And Finally meet "Lilah" who is the
newest member of the family and also
the most vivacious! She is a rescue pup
who keeps us on our toes and when she
gets tired from running a marathon
throughout the house, she will
occasionally stay still enough for a
picture or two. So far her favorite things
to do include chewing, sleeping in cat
beds, stealing cat treats, and more