How Your Pet Portrait is Created:
1.       Choose a
        great photo
Email or send me a clear and up close photo of
your pet. Make sure the photos are taken without a
flash! A few pictures are great for reference, just let
me know which one you like the best.
Stella's owner gave me several pictures of her for
reference and together we chose the best one that
would represent her in paint. She even included an
up close shot of Stella's eye, which was great!!
Believe it or not animals eyes have just as much
character and detail as our own.

2.       Mention
        the Details
Make sure to tell me about any collars, id tags, or
accessories that you want shown in your portrait.
Stella wasn't wearing her favorite collar and id tag
in her photos, but her owner wanted to make sure
she was shown wearing them in the painting. So
she sent me a close up of both her collar and id
tag. The pictures were great and were easily added
to Stella's portrait.

3.      Choose
     a background
What kind of background do you want in your pet
portrait? I'll try to compliment your portrait with any
color choices, patterns, or design concepts you
have. Maybe you want something fun and playful or
maybe you want something more subdued, or
something that compliments your home's color
palette? It's your piece of art so any Ideas are
Stella's owner didn't want anything bright. Stella is
also a timid shy, and sweet dog so something more
subdued but layered in soft colors would be better
suited for her portrait. I gave her background a
more distinguished look, which represented a well
worn, washed maybe antiqued wood look. I added
light hues of blue to compliment her golden coat.

Once we have discussed all the details and you
chosen the size of canvas you want, I can
give you an accurate timeline of when you can
expect your painting.
Generally your painting will
take about 2-3 weeks.
If you need something
rushed please let me know and I can try to
accommodate you.

Canvas Choices
I can paint your portrait on any size canvas. These
are the sizes I generally offer but if you have a
special request please let me know. Profile depth of
the canvas is also an option. Stella's portrait was
painted on a high grade 2-3/8" deep solid wood
frame with 100% natural cotton duck. All of my
paintings are also double coated with a UV
protectant permanent varnish which will protect
your art for years to come!

Canvas Sizes     

I generally recommend a size 16"x20" canvas for
Pet Portraits. It seems to be a great size for
showcasing a nice portion of the animal.

Profile Choices
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