Interested in having your
                  own pet painted?

Here's how to get started:

Choose a Great Photo
Email or send me a clear and up close photo of your pet. Make sure the photos are
taken without a flash! A few pictures are great for reference, just let me know which
one you like the best.

Mention the Details
Be sure to mention any collars, id tags, or pet accessories that you want  included in
your portrait. Details about your pet's personality are also great!

Choose a background
What kind of background do you want in your pet portrait? I'll try to compliment
your portrait with any color choices, patterns, or design concepts you have. Maybe
you want something fun and playful or maybe you want something more subdued, or
something that compliments your home's color palette? It's your piece of art so any
Ideas are welcome!

Once we have discussed all the details and you have chosen the size of the canvas you
want, I will give you an accurate timeline of when you can expect your painting.
Generally your painting will take about 2-3 weeks. If you need something rushed
please let me know and I can try to accommodate you.

You may either pay for the full amount of your portrait in advance or put down a
25% deposit toward your portrait, and pay the rest upon completion.
For payment, I accept all major credit cards, paypal, cash or check.

Price List:
5x7        $55.00
6x8        $65.00      
8x10      $80.00  
12x12    $100.00                   
10x16    $130.00   
11x14     $130.00  
12x16     $140.00           
16x20     $175.00        
20x24     $195.00

*$30.00 for an additional pet on same canvas.*
*prices do not include sales tax or shipping*
*prices reflect a ¾” profile canvas*  
*Other sizes and profile options are available*
*All work is custom and requires at least a 25% deposit*

Ready to get started? Tell me about your pet!!

Email me: